Our school is half what we teach, and the more important half is our community of students. Redmond Ridge & Redmond Ridge East as well as the surrounding areas has brought together a wide range of people who all share the same goal. To better your child's life through education, sports, and the arts. The mass majority of people who share this view also knows that academic education is only one piece of a greater puzzle, but the person who is exposed to many different activities like Martial Arts will have an advantage in the future.

I guess what we are saying is "Our students, your neighbors have made our school amazing."




We all know there is a right way to win, did you know there is also a way to lose. When we win true strength is to go shake the hand of the competitors. A different kind of strength is when you lose you go shake the hand of the winner. Studies show kids who have had the high highs of winning and the low lows of loosing have grown up to avoid bad vises. When children loose they also have to develop a coping mechanism that will help them cope with loss later in life.


Philosophy of Our “Real” Competition

Our competition is the PC, Xbox, Ipad, Smart Phones, and other multi-billion dollar industries to entertain you and your kids. If I tried to tech your kids in the ancient way they thought in 800 A.D. I would literally put them to sleep. With the advancements of entertainment for me to compete, I need to be “FUN”. If you or your child is not having Fun & Being Engaged at a high level they will get board and most likely not make it for the long term. All of the best benefits of Martial Arts will happen in a 3 to 5 year time line. To do that you must love what you are doing and must see yourself as a Martial Artist.